SEMA Board Of Directors Endorsements

It has been my honor to work for the last 16 years alongside two former SEMA Chairmen of the Board and Hall of Fame Members in Ron Coleman and Scooter Brothers. The guidance and experience they have instilled in me has made an immeasurable impact on both my professional career and volunteer service.

In addition, I am grateful to receive endorsements and support from so many of my industry peers, some of which are highlighted below:

Please join me in supporting and endorsing Chris Douglas in the upcoming SEMA Board election. I have found Chris to be a man of integrity, results-oriented and willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Passion and dedication have been a hallmark of his professional life. Chris has been proactive in legislative and regulatory efforts, as well as next generation engagement, which signify his willingness to fight for the future of this great industry.

I know Chris will continue to serve the SEMA Board of Directors with the same passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Ryan Gebhardt
VP of Purchasing & Marketing
JEGS High Performance

Chris Douglas has my vote! Chris represents hardcore racing to me, being a former race car driver and still often found at little race tracks on weekends. With both a manufacturing and marketing background, Chris has a “pulse” on the needs of the racing industry.

His vision, where he wants “action,” not talk, can help the racing industry move forward into the future. My vote is going to Chris Douglas for re-election to the SEMA Board of Directors.

Judy Kean

I have known Chris for many years through our company’s involvement with COMP Cams and my personal relationship with Scooter Brothers. Chris is one of the brightest young talents in our industry. It is incredibly rare to find someone with a background such as his. Chris has worked on and driven race cars, he applies that same passion and enthusiasm to his professional and volunteer efforts.

Just like a good racer, Chris is always looking for an advantage. Challenging the status quo and benchmarking are everyday norms for a modern leader, and that’s what I see in Chris. Under Chris’ leadership COMP has set the bar high in many areas. He has accomplished this through a relentless quest to be the best. I can confidently say that Chris is a positive and beneficial addition to SEMA, and he has my highest recommendation.

Doug Yates
Roush Yates Engines

I would like to ask you to vote for Chris Douglas for SEMA Board of Directors. As I have gotten to know Chris, I have witnessed his honesty and integrity. I have learned about his experience and his passion for our industry. And I know he has the energy, vision and commitment to help our industry with the challenges and opportunities that it will experience.

Vic Bennett
Gantt-Thomas & Associates

To my friends and colleagues in the industry – I endorse (and recommend you vote for) Chris Douglas. I have known and worked with him for 10+ years. He works hard, and he is always supportive of all companies in the automotive aftermarket.

John Viscardo
General Manager
Motor Trend Group

Having known Chris for many, many years, I know he cares deeply about the aftermarket industry. Chris knows the aftermarket industry and you can rest assured that he is looking out for the car enthusiast. Bottom line, Chris Douglas is a good man and someone you can count on.

Clay Millican
NHRA Top Fuel Driver

I’m proud to be asked to write this endorsement for my friend Chris Douglas – we have a shared passion for the Automotive Aftermarket and in particular, SEMA – its leadership goals and objectives. I have worked with Chris on countless SEMA committees and task forces and in particular the SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council for which Chris has an abundance of passion. Perhaps more importantly, I have also come to know Chris as a man who has a strong belief in his family and the various values that come with being a father and a husband – I greatly admire this aspect of his character.

When you sit to cast your vote for the SEMA BOD, please give my friend Chris Douglas your vote – he will continue his passionate support of our industry and protect every aspect of it.

Vic Wood
Weld Racing

Chris has been an amazing board member for the last three years. His passion, dedication and thought process always puts the SEMA member company first. He knows how to hit the issues head on and look for the best possible solutions by pragmatically considering the outcome first. He listens to what SEMA members have to say and truly takes others’ perspectives into consideration. His wisdom, experience and professionalism make him the perfect candidate to re-elect. Simply put, Chris brings value to the Board of Directors!

Richard Barsamian
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Advanced Clutch Technology

I have known Chris Douglas for many years and served with him on the MPMC council. He is driven to serve our industry with integrity and willing to roll up his sleeves and work hard on the challenges and uncertainties that our industry faces.

Chris Douglas is an asset to the SEMA Board of Directors and has my endorsement for his next term on the SEMA Board. I’m looking forward to what Chris and the BOD will accomplish in this next term.

Chris Fairless
Sales Manager
Daystar Products

It is with great pleasure that I support Chris Douglas in his re-election to the SEMA Board of Directors. Chris has committed himself to working for the membership, both in the board room and outside it, to best serve our industry. Being a lifelong automotive enthusiast, he feels that his responsibility to the aftermarket extends well beyond his day job and SEMA, and you can count on him to fight to protect it.

Matt Boice
General Manager Auto Aftermarket
MotorTrend Group

Chris Douglas has dedicated his entire career to the aftermarket, and as a leader in the performance market that runs a manufacturing company that still makes parts in-house just like we do, I support Chris in his run for the SEMA Board of Directors.

SEMA needs board members who understand the importance of American manufacturing and the pressures we face in the form of government regulation and legislation as well as outside pressure from overseas manufacturing. SEMA needs leaders that will hold the staff accountable to the needs of its members, and I believe Chris will do that.

Rick Love
Executive Vice President
Vintage Air, Inc.

I have been fortunate to work on projects with Chris and have always admired his integrity, work ethic, and commitment to our industry and to SEMA. Chris is a dedicated volunteer, a great family man, and I would encourage you to re-elect Chris Douglas for the SEMA Board of Directors.

Joel Ayres
Executive Director
Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation
Former SEMA Board Member
SEMA Hall of Fame

As a proud member of SEMA it is my desire to make sure that we have strong proven leadership on our SEMA Board of Directors to guarantee the future of our industry and to encourage growth. As the owner of SPEED SPORT I am especially concerned about the motorsports side of our industry. That’s why I’m confident Chris Douglas is a great choice for re-election to the SEMA Board of Directors. Chris has a strong passion for our industry and a commitment to protecting it as well as helping it to prosper. Especially when it comes to motorsports.

Ralph Sheheen
Managing Partner & President
Turn3Media, LLC
National Speed Sport News

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